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In 2014, two person who had similar passion met at a customize-bike shop and immediately had natural affinity to each other.  They both had interest in art and creativity.  So, in order to expose their art, they thought of creating a venture business to showcase their talent.  Their initial motive was to promote Lushai Art—their place of origin—so that it could create exposure  and eventually income for artists in this region.

The following year, they established Radical Inborn which focused on creativity, originality and uniqueness.  They started by opening a designer wearstore in February 2017.  Its first batch focused on T-Shirts and Sweat Shirts that have authentic designs. The purpose of this designer wear brand is to provide people who have a penchant for Art and Creativity.  The second batch will be on caps and bomber jackets.

With the aim of reaching further audiences and customers worldwide , Radical Inborn has been involving in expanding its business venture in the field of bike customization to cater the need of bikers across the globe.  Radical Inborn will focus on art-infused biker’s accessories to be sold at a reasonable and affordable price range.  To build up its reputation in this segment, it has become the first dealer of Biltwell Inc. in India.

As our sole motive is to create a new trend that focuses on art and creativity in diverse field, Radical Inborn is the answer for those who seek authenticity and creative artworks.

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